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Before the NFL games start today I would like to ask the question of why does NY screw over their sports heroes? Eli has won 2 Superbowl championships and MVP’s and hasn’t been the reason for the Giants failures despite how the media bashes him. The O line has been a massive problem over the years and his receivers are constantly changing. Recently with obj leaving, Tate being suspended, and even Shepard being injured he still manages to throw a touchdown pass to TJ Jones who played his first regular season game with the G-men.

All the bashing of Eli Manning over the years is annoying. A large portion of his interceptions weren’t his fault and often off of his receivers hands. People say he was lucky because of the Tyree helmet catch. Well what about all the other plays and all the other games he won to get to that play in the super bowl in the first place? Not to mention the tackles he escaped to throw the ball on that play.

He constantly stays healthy and would’ve probably broken Favre’s record had he not been screwed to let Geno Smith start. Here’s a stat for you. The Giants were the last team in the NFL to start a black QB when they started Geno. Before that was the Cowgirls with Prescott . Is that the reason they started Geno? Maybe or maybe just to make people miss what they have in Eli and hes not the problem. Ewing was blamed for the Knicks even though he played well and sadly finished his career elsewhere. Eli is a class act who never throws his teammates or coach under the bus even though hes constantly blamed. He also wouldn’t announce his last season for a farewell tour and doesn’t deserve to be on the bench if it is his final year. I get that if you draft a QB in the first round you want to see what he got, but Rodgers played on the bench and learned from Favre and many other similar situations where rookies learn from veterans first.

I almost feel with Daniel Jones how some Democrats feel about Trump. How they want him to fail just to they can be right instead of what’s good for the USA. Part of me wants Jones to have a horrible game which I’m pretty sure he will just so people can realize that its not Eli’s fault that they’re losing. Despite the treatment by the media and the fans of the greatest QB the Giants ever had I will still say go Giants.

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After Kirk Cousins was stuck in Washington as the victim of the dreaded franchise tag, Kirk Cousins finally has become a free agent. As a top free agent, there are several teams interested, but I will narrow down the top 5 possibilities from least likely at #5 to the most likely at #1.

#5 Cleveland Browns

Yes I know what you might be thinking, the Browns? No one wants to play for the 0-16 Browns. But they do have over $100 million in cap space which will lead to a big payday for Cousins. They also have the #1 and #4 draft picks in the first round of the draft, as well as 1st in all subsequent rounds, which will could lead to a lot of great young talent coming in. This will also allow the Browns to not have to worry about picking a QB with either of the 1 or 4 picks and can either use those picks for players in other positions or trade them away for other talent. Hopefully this doesn’t happen as it would decrease the chances of the Giants getting RB Saquon Barkley with the 2nd pick so my Giants bias hopes that Kirk signs elsewhere.

#4 Arizona Cardinals

With Carson Palmer’s retirement and both Blaine Gabbert and Drew Stanton hitting free agency, the Cardinals are in desperate need for a QB. With top RB David Johnson, veteran WR Larry Fitzgerald, and many other talented pieces, the addition of Cousins would almost guarantee a playoff spot and be a legit championship contender. Plus the warm weather in Arizona is a lot nicer than any of the other 4 destinations on this list.

#3 New York Jets

The Big Apple is always an attractive option for talent because of the other business opportunities involved with being in New York. The team is not as bad as I make them sound when I make fun of them on Real Fans Real Talk. Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse are good receivers and they have other talented pieces. The addition of Cousins might make them a playoff team, but they are in a very tough division with the Patriots pretty much being a lock to win the division every year. Also last year the Bills took 1 of 2 wild card spots so as a Jet, you’re best bet is to hope for a wild card spot. Also we all know that the real NY team is the Giants, so he’d just be playing for the bootleg NY team.

#2 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings made the NFC championship with their 3rd string QB Case Keenum. All 3 Qb’s (Keenum, Bridgewater, and Bradford) are free agents, and although it’s possible that the Vikings sign one of their 3 QB’s to come back, Cousins is an upgrade from all 3. With a great receiving core featuring Adam Theilen and Stefon Diggs, TE Kyle Rudolph, and a top ranked defense, Cousins can put the Vikings over the top and be a favorite to win the Super Bowl next year.

#1 Denver Broncos

If the Broncos add Cousins, they will be back to being a Super Bowl contender. They have a top 3 defense, a good receiving core, the #5 overall pick in the draft, and one of the best home field advantages in all of football (altitude advantage that other teams are not used to playing in). Although I think he’s more likely to win if he goes to the Vikings, I think the Vikings will still be a contender by signing one of their 3 existing QB’s for less money. Plus they know the Vikings system already. Although many teams will get an upgrade signing Cousins, he would make the biggest impact on the Broncos.

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This is just a shame. No matter who the president was in the past it’s an honor and a tradition to celebrate at the White House. Some players in the past decided not to go for various reasons over the years and it was never a public issue. Brady didn’t go when Obama was there and he said he had another reason for it and there was no controversy. Conspiracy theorists believed that Bush helped orchestrate 9/11 and Bush testified in secret and not under oath about it. What good did in secret and not under oath do? Did any teams not accept the invite? Obama orchestrated massive drone strikes killing tons of innocent people. Did any teams not accept his invite? Trump said things that offended people and has policy ideas that people don’t agree with.

As Charles Barkley said it’s an honor and a privilege to be invited to the White House. He also said that it would’ve been an opportunity for the players to discuss their concerns with the president. That would’ve been a great idea instead of the players relying on the medias interpretation of what he has planned for our country. Making a big deal out of it ruined the opportunity for the players that might have actually been looking forward to the honor of going. It also ruined it for the fans who enjoy watching that moment with their team at the White House as often times there’s some enjoyable humorous moments. Regardless of what your political beliefs are, it’s an honor and a tradition to be invited to the white house. Steph Curry said he wasn’t going and then there was a team meeting to discuss whether or not the team was going. So Trump rescinds the invite as he should because that’s disrespectful. Certain players on the Patriots decided not to go. Some went who liked or disliked the president because it’s an honor to be there.

Now time for some analogies.

If you’re invited to the Academy Awards and you make public that you’re not sure whether or not you want to go because you don’t agree with the academy awards decisions in the past so the academy says okay don’t come, you’re not invited anymore. Who’s fault would that be? It’s an honor to be at the academy awards and people don’t agree with decisions but they still show up.

Another analogy would be when you go and disrespect your boss because you don’t like him or her and then he or she says that you’re fired and you say, you can’t fire me because I quit. Yes you don’t like your boss and you were thinking of quitting but now it’s not an option to stay there and the boss wasn’t going to be disrespected and wait for you to decide whether or not you’re going to stay there. I know Trump is not their boss and this is just an analogy.

Either way it’s a sad situation and I hope that when February comes around that the Warriors do end up in the White House even though it’s highly unlikely.

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